Workshop on Conducting Accessibility Research in Indian Context


This workshop aims to co-create a community of researchers and practitioners to discuss and understand why and how we could draw more attention towards the accessible digital solutions. To share and discuss the challenges in conducting studies that include users or influence people with disabilities. To identify a common set of challenges that have been experienced earlier or have the potential to occur during research. For instance, challenges in approaching the users, deciding the methodology and conducting user study. Finally discuss the opportunities of collaborative research to address these challenges.


Location: Virtual workshop @ India HCI 2021

Sunday 19 November 2021 

02:00 PM to 05:00 PM in Indian Standard Time (IST)

Invited Speakers

Keyur Sorathia

Supriya Dey

Sayan Sarcar

Workshop Schedule

02:00 to 02:10 Introduce the purpose of the workshop and agenda
02:10 to 02:30 Introduction session
02:30 to 02:40 Short Presentation from
02:40 to 02:50 Short Presentation from
02:50 to 03:20 Breakout session-1 Topic: Challenges in conducting accessibility research and strategies to overcome them.
03:20 to 03:30 Share out: Summarization of the conversations
03:30 to 03:40 Short break
03:40 to 03:50 Short Presentation from
03:50 to 04:00 Short Presentation from
04:00 to 04:30 Breakout session-2 Topic: Drawing more attention towards the accessibility of digital solutions
04:30 to 04:40 Share out: Summarization of the conversations
04:40 to 04:50 What should be our next step
04:40 to 04:50 Conclusion



Pranjal Protim Borah

(IIT Guwahati, India)