Venue & YearPaper/BlogAuthorsTagsResearch Questions
Interact 2007 Institutionalizing HCI in AsiaAndy Smith, Anirudha Joshi, Zhengjie Liu, Liam Bannon, Jan Gulliksen and Christina LiAsia
CHI 2016The Ins and Outs of HCI for DevelopmentNicola Dell and Neha KumarGlobal South
ITFD 2017ICT4D research: a call for a strong critical approachSouth Asia
CHI 2020Opportunities and Challenges in Involving Users
in Project-Based HCI Education
Wendy Roldan, Xin Gao, Allison Marie Hishikawa, Tiffany Ku,
Ziyue Li, Echo Zhang, Jon E. Froehlich, Jason Yip
Global North– How do HCI students engage with users
unlike themselves during their design process?

– What value do HCI students perceive in working with users
different from themselves in their design and reflection

Relevant Work in Privacy

Taking Data Out of Context to Hyper-Personalize Ads: Crowdworkers’ Privacy Perceptions and Decisions to Disclose Private InformationCHI2020Julia Hanson*, Miranda Wei*, Sophie Veys, Matthew Kugler, Lior Strahilevitz, Blase Ur
The Password Doesn’t Fall Far:
How Service Influences Password Choice

Relevant Work in Democracy and AI

Venue & YearPaper/BlogAuthorsTagsResearch Questions
CHI 2020 Fake News on Facebook and Twitter: Investigating How People (Don’t) Investigate
Christine Geeng, Savanna Yee and Franziska RoesnerAsia– How do people interact with misinformation posts on their
social media feeds (particularly, Facebook and Twitter)?

– How do people investigate whether a post is accurate?

– When people fail to investigate a false post, what are the
reasons for this?

– When people do investigate a post, what are the platform
affordances they use, and what are the ad-hoc strategies
they use that could inspire future affordances?